Friday, March 8, 2013

Helllloooo? Is this on?

Whats up guys! So I haven't actually written on this thing in a year minus a day... whoa! I feel like I was just updating this! Seriously, you think you're on top of something, then you realize, wow. I biffed that one. ;)
So what's new with me? Hmm. Well. I'm sure the list can go on and on with everything that has happened to me in the past year. Hey, what the heck?

  • I finished my sophmore year
  • I finally went to Utah (on a different trip lol)
  • Drove to Kimmy's house! (In Wyoming...)
  • Gained a nephew and a niece
  • Participated in our stake Trek! Made new friends =)
  • Danced in the "Deja Vu" dance show at school. Advanced class
  • Started my Junior Year! (Advanced dance again, Chemistry, Math Analysis, AP Lit/ U.S. History)
  • Got totally sick during Halloween...
  • Had my seventeenth birthday! Had Red Velvet cheescake =D
  • Participated in the "Opposited Attract" dance show at school. Choreographed and performed a small group number! (like a boss =P)
  • Spent New Years in Tempe, crashed their stake dance. =)
  • Got invited to go to D.C. and NYC over spring break!
  • Started second semester of my junior year! (Pre-calculus, choir, PERFORMANCE dance, and AP Lit/US History)
  • Started my first season of tennis. (Still totally suck. Haha!)
  • Gained a new sister, Courtney Bourgeous!
  • Had my entire family here for the first time in four years. One of my favorite weeks that I've had in four years. =)
Hmm, so I think that might be all. Well, that's not all that has happened, of course, but those are the big things. =) SOOOO! Today is friday, tecnically saturday, and I leave on a plane for DC on monday! Holy cow! I cannot believe how fast this came! It'll be super fun and I cannot wait to expand my horizons. Haha. It'll be a hoot. =)

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